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So apparently I'm not so great at this blog thing? I jot things down in the notes app on my phone constantly as inspiration strikes, but apparently the part of the process that requires me to sit down and actually write it all out is not my strong suit! For that, I am sorry. I'm an artist after all, what do you expect!? But I'll work on it.. I promise. ;)

These last few months have been non stop. Amidst the madness of an increase in hours at work, painting like a maniac, prepping for art shows as well as participating in a few, I managed to squeeze a quick family vacation in there! Mid April, my family set off for a weeklong getaway in Maui. It was a week of bliss and inspiring adventures. Snorkeling, hiking, cliff jumping, and more!

Snorkeling in Hawaii never disappoints. From the crystal clear waters, reefs and abundance of sea turtles, it's always such a magical experience. For all of you following along, I would imagine you have picked up on my deep love for sea turtles by now. Doesn't matter how many times I have seen them or snorkeled with them, they always blow me away with their sweet and serene disposition. They swim along so calmly with what appears to be not a care in the world. (the dream life!) However, my absolute favorite part of a turtle is their faces - they are filled with a wisdom and kindness that speaks to the soul.

While on our trip, we were lucky enough to see dozens of turtles. Some while we were standing on our balcony and some while out in the water. It was such a special experience that brought in so many beautiful photos that are sure to inspire many paintings to come. Thank you universe for the technology to take high quality photos under water!!

While at one of our snorkeling spots, we happened upon a spot for a bit of cliff jumping. As I have been deemed "Miss Adventurous", I was immediately volunteered for the jump. Never having done a jump like that - I was intrigued and decided to go for it!! There aren't many adventures I will turn down. The thrill and adrenaline rush paired with whatever nature each adventure has to offer is hard to say no to! It always creates such a memorable experience. So, with that - I went for it! Twice! :) I looked(and sounded) like a bit of a spazz since jumping off a cliff for the first time isn't exactly the most comfortable of feelings, but it became a fantastically memorable leap that I am glad I took!

In all the times we have visited Maui, we had never driven the Road to Hana. (As an individual prone to motion sickness, it has really never sounded all that appealing!) BUT, with my adventurous soul always in search of new things - it finally felt like the right time! What a trip!! Instead of just doing the Road to Hana, we ended up doing a "figure 8" drive around the entire island - SO WORTH IT!

From lava fields, lush jungles, waterfalls, and rolling golden hills - you really saw it all! Due to the time of the day we went through certain parts of the island, only portions of the trip were captured on camera, but in no way did they disappoint! I still cannot get over the color of that water. Both the ocean and the rivers displayed some of the most stunning blues. If those colors don't make you want to paint, I don't know what will!

It is such a treasure to have the opportunity to travel, to take a "vacation", to go on adventures. It is going to far away places, seeing different landscapes and beauty for the first time that can refresh us. I definitely came back from this trip with a stack of new painting ideas and an increased desire to get out an explore more! Sometimes we get so busy we forget that it's okay for us to make time for adventure, or whatever kind of special outing brings you joy. Of course, at the end of the day we do all have jobs and responsibilities but just find some time!! Even if it requires having a sleepless weekend just to have that spontaneous adventure!! Just do it, just get out, and just enjoy your life. Time flies by too fast to not get out and have some fun, the work will be there when you get back. ;)

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