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It all begins with an adventure. High up in the mountains, under the sea, across the world, across the street, by a creek, in the air, on a dirt road in the depths of Joshua Tree..

Wherever and however we each define an adventure is up to us. That is what allows each adventure to hold special meaning; it is ours. No two adventures can be exactly alike and no two people on the same adventure will walk away with identical memories. Adventures are our own special treasures to carry through life.

I am an adventure painter.

When I tell people what I do, the first question I typically get is if I paint on site. And the answer is, I don’t!

(WHAT!? 😱)

I know, calm down - I’m an adventure painter who paints in my studio.

I gave plein air painting a chance during college, but found that the shoe just never fit. I'm a believer that we should each follow our own artistic calling. If pulling over on the side of the road, setting up your easel and painting your afternoon away is calling your name than by all means - DO IT! Be true to your style, don't let others tell you what is right and wrong... it's art - THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS RIGHT AND WRONG.

For me.. When out on a hike, or camping, or traveling, I want the adventure to be about just that - enjoying the ADVENTURE... feeling the freedom and independence, it’s challenges and triumphs, and truly taking in all the beauty. If on one of my treks up Mount Whitney I had stopped on the side of the trail and pulled out my paints and brushes, I would’ve ended up with a painting capturing the mountain’s majestic presence, but not one that was infused with the once in a lifetime memories I have from the mountain that has been the home of some of my greatest hiking experiences.


I am an adventure painter.

I capture nature’s essence, but more importantly I create a painting that transports you back in time.. back to the jubilant moment of your first summit, the comfort of your home away from home view.. a painting that takes you back to YOUR adventure. Or mine 😋

Bailey’s Adventure Painting ©️

Painting your adventures since 2016



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